Monthly Archives: February 2013

Crafting and Technology collide

Hi and welcome to my website!! My passion for arts and crafting is as strong as my passion for technology, which makes me a strange crafter. Most crafters I know are not technically strong, and most technology people I know are not very crafty or creative. My goal is to bring these two worlds together and help crafters be more technical.

My personal passion is photography, and incorporating my digital photography into all kinds of craft projects. From sewing and embroidery and quilting to cake decorating, paper crafting, stamping, and  other crafting – I LOVE dealing with digital photography. I will be posting lots of things to help you with digital photography and crafting. Incorporating my technology into my traditional crafting really takes my crafting to a new level.

One thing I notice is that most technology is not aimed at women, home makers, or artsy type of people. It’s almost the opposite – not very creative, hard to use, and certainly not appealing. Most people think of gamers and men when they think of computing – certainly not art and crafting. And most computers are not designed for women – and when they are, someone thinks it’s brilliant to make it pink.

My goal is to reach out to that group of people in the crafting world who isn’t that technical, and help make technology more friendly and available. I’m here to answer questions, show off my projects, review products, and help bring technology out of the office and into your home.

Welcome to my blog!! Please leave me comments and ask questions. I do have a “normal” job but I plan on making sure I respond as quickly as I can.